Asian Handicap tip Vladimir Vorobyov: Gretzky is probably the best hockey player of all time. I scored a goal, on the bench one of the players said: Vladdy, don`t stand there anymore. This is Wayne`s office.

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asian handicap information Vladimir Vorobyov spoke about the game forecast by asian handicap contacts with Wayne Gretzky.

In the 1996/97 season, Vorobyov and Gretzky played together in the Rangers.

- The most interesting thing is that when I crossed the border, I did not know a word of English. At school I had German, it was given very well - and then my American adventures began.

I wanted, I dreamed about the NHL, I can honestly say that as a child I read books about the same Gretzky and dreamed of playing with him on the same team. Yes, I did not play in the NHL for long, but I am very proud of what it was: one can say that I did not live my life in vain.

- When you go out on the ice, you don`t think about it anymore. You understand that this is a person with a very high level of hockey IQ.

Then I analyzed, watched the games - I thought, how does he do it, how does he give passes when he looks in a completely different direction. This is one of the best hockey players of all time, probably the best.

It was a solid team, there were other stars - Mark Messier, Adam Graves, Brian Leitch, Mike Richter, our guys - and Sergei Nemchinov, and Alexei Kovalev, and Alexander Karpovtsev, the kingdom of heaven. It was an honor to be in it.

- Several times I scored from his passes. Once they played in Florida, they played the majority, and from behind the gate there was some kind of throw, rebounding the puck, gave him a half-board pass, he returned it.

I score a goal, I come to the bench, everyone is happy, joyful, they congratulated me. And one of the players said: Vladdy, don`t stand there anymore. I say: What is it? This is Wayne`s office. He always played outside the goal, and it turned out that he gave the transfer to his place, - said Vorobyov.
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