A new star rallied in Indian Wells

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asian handicap information The strength and precision of Amanda Anisimova are incredible for her years. She impressed her debut at Indian Wells. The 16-year-old came to the semi-finals in the third round, ending the series of 14 consecutive victories of Petra Kvitova for just over an hour, defeating it with 6:2, 6:4. She then lost to former number 1 Carolina Pliskova in the world, but impressed everyone with her performance. Experienced coaches such as Jose Igougas define their backhand with both hands as one of the best in professional tennis, although she is just starting to play amongst the pros. With its 178 centimeters it has a powerful service that will become even stronger. Impressive was also the calmness and confidence he demonstrated at the age of 16. She won in two sets two very strong physical and experienced tennis players - Anastasia Pavlikchevkova, placed under number 23, and Kvitova, and that was the first appearance of Anissimova in a central court

Her hands may tremble when she had to close the match againstKvitova, but there was not much hesitation during the meeting. Amanda seemed to be completely controlling her game-without hurrying and worrying, although the two-time Wimbledon champion had been subjected to powerful attacks on both sides. `The reason is that in her mind Amanda has already been there, she has always seen her play on the biggest stage, and she`s been getting ready for it since she was eight, ` she commented on the quietness of the youngtennis player general manager for player development at the American Tennis Association Martin Blackman.

The potential is obvious, but the number is not to think of a too distant future and to put too much anticipation too early. Anisimova already has a stable entourage to take care of her. He includes her father, who is also her coach, Konstantin Anisimov, her mother Olga, coach Max Fomin, consultant Nick Saviano, her agent Gary Swain, and Max Eisenbud, IMG vice president and long-time agent of Maria Sharapova. `We look long-term, ` says Anysimov`s father. `We are very happy that she is doing better than we are expecting, but at the same time we are very calm and we know she is young. is not ready for a full season at 16. She has no right to play a full season, so we try to work more on quality than on quantity. `

Tackling the ripening process is one of the mysteries of tennis, that miracle children are no longer as common as before. Limitations designed to protect young players prevent them from accumulating a lot of points. The game by asianhandicaptips relies heavily on physics and dominates more experienced tennis players. Moreover, much more relies on the whole team, with the advantage of those who can afford great support staff. On the latest benchmark, Anisimova, the youngest tennis player in the top 150, has nothing to do with her entourage including Chihuahuita Miley, which she treats as a star, but occasionally causes travel problems. Although Anissimova is preparing for a small champion and receives education at home, parents

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