Asian Handicap picks Zach Collins cut Russell Westbrook`s forehead and was sent off

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asian handicap information San Antonio center Zach Collins was sent off for a 2nd degree unsportsmanlike foul on Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook two minutes before the end of the third quarter of the game between the teams.

Westbrook suffered a severe cut on his forehead from a right elbow strike from Collins. The Lakers player rebounded after his own miss and lifted Collins with a feint. The Bigman Spurs jumped up and crashed into Westbrook, elbowing him in the head.

Westbrook began to bleed heavily, but he quickly got up from the floor and charged Collins. LeBron James managed to prevent a fight by grabbing a teammate in time. Later, Westbrook`s forehead was covered with a band-aid and the player was able to continue the match.

After watching the video replay, the judges issued Westbrook a technical foul and sent off Collins.

The match prediction by asian handicap archive ended in a 143-138 victory for the Lakers.

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