Asian Handicap tips Zack Brown is not afraid to lose Norris: McLaren will give him a car to win

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asian handicap information Zack Brown does not worry about the fact that Lando Norris can be poached by competitors.

McLaren`s CEO answered the related question:

No, because I am convinced that we will give him a car to win. We have a long-term agreement with him. I think he is very comfortable in the team.

Of course, we put pressure on ourselves, because we want to give a car to win not only for him, but also for ourselves. I think the team can do it.

He understands the path we are following and joins us on this journey. I guess it`s too early to worry, ` Brown said.

The boss told what distinguishes Norris from other stars of the youth series:

After every step he took, there were reasons to believe that everything would be great at the next stage. However, we saw how the pilots performed well until they reached the top level. Jan Magnussen was great in everything, but in F-1 he did not quite succeed. Jos Verstappen was great, it didn`t work in F1.

Lando did well in F1. In fact, I`m more happy that it`s not just about pure speed, but also about a small number of errors, racing prowess. When Lando spent the first season, the pace was enough, but he did not actively expose his elbows. Now he fights honestly, but hard.

Brown expects a lot from newcomer Oscar Piastri:

I think Lando is one of the fastest drivers on the grid and I expect Oscar to be close to him. I think Oscar will have chances to beat him, and vice versa. This is what you want, right? When two riders switch places in a tight fight.

Norris` contract with McLaren runs until the end of 2025.

Zack Brown is not afraid to lose Norris: McLaren will give him a car to win Asian Handicap tips - more details and information: Asian Handicap tips

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