Asian Handicap predictions Neville on Chelsea: Cucurella for £64m and Enzo for £107m is just weird. You can pay a maximum of 50-60 million for players in these positions. Madness

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asian handicap information Gary Neville believes Chelsea overpaid for Marc Cucurella and Enzo Fernandez.

Todd Bowley reminds me of Ed Woodward when he first came to Manchester United and wanted to buy everyone. Chelsea had the same feeling in the summer and it was chaos.

Mark Cucurella, ?64m, and Enzo Fernandez, ?107m, are the full-back and midfielder who will play in the back three. The maximum that can be given for players like Rodri, Fabinho, Casemiro is 50-60 million pounds. These are not the players who come out in attack and score 30 goals. Such sums for players of these positions are simply strange.

I`m not saying these players are no good. They can play great, show a great game. But such sums for players in these positions seem crazy to me, " the former Manchester United player told The Overlap.

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