Mourinho with a 12-minute monologue after a question about dropping out of WS

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asian handicap information Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho spoke a 12-minute monologue, triggered by a question about the dissatisfaction of fans of the Red Devils after dropping out of the Champions League. The Portuguese received a lot of criticism from the supporters because of his approach to Sevilla, as well as some of the speeches of the Special after the loss of the Spanish team. Old Trafford also heard booed after the last referee`s signal of the unfortunate duel with Seville. Here is a part of Mourinho`s passionate tirade:

I will not escape, disappear, or cry for a few boobs, I will not hide in the tunnel or run away, and in the next game I will be the firstI`m not afraid of my responsibilities I`m 55 years old and I`m what I`m because I`ve worked a lot because I`ve had talent for my psyche I have not earned anything 10 months - my last trophy was so long ago, I beat Liverpool and Chelsea, but I lost to Seville and now is the time for these critics to be happy. to be happy when others are happy, so I`m really happy.

I told fans that they have the right to express their opinions and reactions, but there is something I`m used to calling soccer heritage. when United won the Champions League, which did not happen many times, was in 2008. In 2011 they reached the final and in 2012 the team dropped out after the group stage when the band was similar to this season. In 2013 I dropped out of the 1/8-finals, at Old Trafford when I was on the other side. In 2014 he dropped out of the 1/4-finals. In 2015, not a European game, in 2016, he dropped out of the group stage, then dropped out of the 1/8-finals of the Europa League. In 2017 we won the Europa League and so we went back to ShL. In 2018 we took 15 points out of 18 possible in the group stage and lost home to the 1/8-finals. For seven years, with four different managers, the team did not play at all in Europe and twice dropped into the group stage, with the best performance being the 1/4 final. It`s a football legacy. If you take the Premier League, the last title is from the 2012/13 season, then in four consecutive seasons United finishes in Seventh, Seventh and Sixth.

I will give you another example. In the last seven years, Manchester City`s worst ranking is fourth. The team was twice champion during this period, even three, because after about a week it will be again, and twice it was second. This is an inheritance. Do you know what else is an inheritance? Otamendi, De Bourne, Fernandinho, Silva, Stirling, Aguero - all of them are investments from the past, not the last two years. And do you know how many United players left the club from asianhandicaptips last season? See where they play and how they play if they play at all. An inheritance will also be that one day when I leave, the next manager will have Lukaku, Matic and De Hea, of course, for years to come. He will find players with different mentality and qualities. . . `

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