Bonchevi:Italy needs patience

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asian handicap information The AC Milan captain and main pillar of the squadra adzura Leonardo Boncuci commented on the situation in the Italian national team after the major defeat in the 2018 barracks of the World Cup. As it is known, the `Azzurri` will miss the World Championship in Russia, retreating to the Fighting TeamSweden. Thus, Italy will be absent from the biggest football forum for the first time since 1958.

Today, Scuadra Adzura will face Anglia on the mythical Wembley in her second check after losing to Argentina 2-0 0 days ago.

The duel has a start time of 22:00. `We can not think about the past and what we have missed to achieve Let`s look ahead We have a national team made up of young players without international experience These friendly matches according chelsea barca champions league we play will be useful for them to accumulateself-confidence, `Bonouci began. `The rebirth of the national team will not be a quick process We will need patience I hope the young will grow up quickly The history of Italy is connected with victories and solid defense but the times are changing and now we have many talentsattacking players To play at the World Cup helps you grow but we have to look ahead It will be hard to see the World Cup in front of the TV Italy is in the process of a complete change Now we are facing a team that recovers after the problemswhich we had, but we canwe use the problems of England, the Central Defender commented.

`I spent seven wonderful years in Juventus, where I won many trophies. The experience I have gained in Juve will be with me forever, `concluded the AC Milan captain.

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