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asian handicap information Liverpool`s usual Liverpool defender`s suspect, Deyan Lovren, was very strong against Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on the way to the next round. The defender said he had made his vacation to his teammates before Jurgen Klop had the opportunity. After the first 45 minutes the reds lost by 0:1. `I admit that at half-time I have raised a little bit, ` Lovern said. `I told the boys to wake up because our game was not going. We stood too deep in half. Then the manager commented on the same thing:Yes, stay a long way back because you defenders do not pull forward. Klop wanted both me and Virginie van Dyke to be more compact and move the team forward, but that was a pretty difficult task, knowing what it was when City dominated the ball. Still, I say that everything went into a positive attitude, there was nothing wrong with our conversation. But I had to remind my teammates that we were 50 minutes long before we qualified for the semi-finals.

`We had to give more of ourselves, ` continued the Croat. - The initial 10-15 minutes of the first half were not good for us. At the same time, after the break the rival had several options, but this time nothing serious. Still on the pitch, we were talking - after Gabriel Jesse`s goal - that we had to raise our heads and join us. To be honest - we also had some luck in some situations, but when you look at the two games predicted by mourinho manchester united in general, we were brave and courage goes with luck.

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