Stan van Gundy remains head of Detroit and next season

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asian handicap information Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gors wants senior coach Stan van Gundy to complete the last year of his contract with the club, but there will be changes in the club`s management team. Van Gundy is currently in charge of all the basketball operations in the club and has the final according sport news word in their making, but Gors wants this to change and Van Gundy will concentrate entirely on the training of the players. But Van Gundy himself does not agree with the owner`s proposal and resists it.

Former senior coach of Orlando has another year and $ 7 million from his original 5-year contract with the club. but many of his staff are running contracts. Gors wants to lose more of them, but he wants to keep General Manager Jeff Bower. Bauer was personally appointed by Van Gundy and was under his care, but Gors wants this to change, and Bower has full freedom of action.

In February, Bauer was at the heart of the Detroit deal that attracted Blake Griffin from Los Angeles Clippers. However, the `pistons` failed to reach the NBA playoffs, ending the regular season with 39 wins and 43 losses.

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