Gattuso:We do our best to get us

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asian handicap information Milan coach Gennaro Gatuzo said his team wished to win the Italian Cup, but pointed out that at times the `rossoners` players played too lightly and allowed easy goals. Last night, the Milan Grand Prix recorded a win-win victory over Verona`s 4-1 victory against Giuseppe Meazza. `Everyone in Milan wants the Italian Cup, but we will have to face a very strong team like Juventus, but they have more than just us, but we are entering the game analyzed by mourinho manchester united in a very good shape, ` Suzo suffered a thump in his thigh. today we saw a team that played with more freedom, `Gatuso started for Mediaset Premium. `Milan has suffered a lot against the small teams, we missed too many points and that`s a problem with the psyche, and today we took our feet off the gas in the 70th minute and we did our best to allow Verona to score, ` the specialist said.

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