Kahn for injured Noyer:Should I get such a footballer?

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asian handicap information Germany`s former goalkeeper Bayern (Munich) Oliver Kahn said it would not be reasonable for Manuel Neuer to come back under the Bundestimus door just for the World Cup matches. The captain has not played since September because of an injury and according to Cannes, the guards will not have enough practice for the games mentioned by asian livescore of the World Cup. `Manuel needs to ask himself if he is doing his best to make his return to the field, and the question is whether he should take a player who has not played for half a year, the fact that he is not yet ready forgame is a sure sign that it has not been restored to 100 percent, `Cannes told Bild.

It is expected on Tuesday that the co-owner Joachim Liel will announce his extended list.

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