Deshaan for Rabio:He probably did not see matches in France

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asian handicap information France coach Didier Descan expressed his disappointment with Adrienne Rabio`s refusal to start preparing for the Mondiale 2018 as the reserve of the main group of 23 footballers. The PSG midfielder came out with an open letter a few days ago saying that he could not understand the coach`s decision and would not start a workout in stock. The midfielder believes that his performance in the club analyzed by asian livescore team was good enough to gain a seat in the first squad for Russia. Players are free to make decisions. I understand his great disappointment that he was not in the main line, but my decisions are dictated entirely from a sports point of view. If he thinks he is God-anointed and is better than others, that is his right. In addition to the three matches in which he plays, other matches of the national team have not seen this season. It`s not about the level of a player but the characteristics I`m looking for. For example, I took Steven Nonsy because there is a certain profile I need, Dheshan told Telefoot.

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