Series A is back with a bang and a crash

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asian handicap information Today, at 19:00, the new season in the A Series is launched. And he starts in the most interesting possible way with a match between Chievo and champion Juventus. Everyone is eager to see the new bianconer star Cristiano Ronaldo playing. And this will happen tonight in the `Yellow Magnarz` match advised by sport news at the Marcontonio Benedictini Stadium. Despite winning seven consecutive titles of Italy, Juve remains the big favorite in this season as well. It does not appear that the players of the `Old Lady` are overwhelmed with success and want to slow down. Moreover, with the new additions and especially with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, the team seems even more powerful compared to the previous years. It is unlikely that Turin will concentrate more forces in the Champions League, which continues to slip away, but this will hardly reflect dramatically on the team`s performance on the home scene.

The candidates to take Juve from the throne, however, are not very few. Almost all the top teams were very active in the transfer market and showed that they would not resign with the domination of the bikonkers and would do their best to stop their march to another scudetto.

In recent years, it was Napoli`s closest. The team will surely try again during this campaign. It is unclear, however, how Neuropolitans will affect the coaching of Maurizio Sarri with Carlo Ancelotti. In any case, we will see some change in the style of play, but it will be good or bad for the season. There is an increasing ambition for the title for Inter. Last season, the `Nerazzurri` started very strongly and for a long time they were at the top of the rankings, but then collapsed and finished only in 4th position. Now the team managed to keep their spine from players while at the same time attracted good recruits such as Shime Vrsalko, Stefan de Fry, Raja Ningolan, Quadvo Asamoa and Lautaro Martinez, who are expected to bring more quality and opportunity for rotations in the lineup, which this time will be able to withstand the entire campaign at a good pace.

Roma is another big contender for Scudetto. The Wolves have built a solid team in recent years, but they have always had little to do with Juventus. Some changes were made this summer at Olympiacos, the biggest one being the breakup with goalie Alison Becker, who moved to Lewpur. Another important figure that left is Raja Ningolan, who was the heart of the Wolves` midfield. At the same time, however, high-quality footballers such as Javier Pastore, Justin Klovewert, Brian Kristante and Robin Olsen, who will have to fill the gaps left, were taken. We should not miss out on the Milan team. Although in recent years the team is in a serious crisis, `Rosoneri` remain one of the grand prizes of Italian football, which is the time to rise from the ashes. The San Siro works hard in this direction, and this summer, new investments have been made to reinforce the lineup. Again, the most impressive was the deal with Juventus, with Leonardo Bonucci returning `bianconers` but Milan Gonzo and Ignacio Caldar

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