Klopp: `We have to be in championship mode until we`re out of the air!`

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asian handicap information At the press conference before Sunday`s West Ham, the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp talks about the transfer window, the season`s expectations, the upcoming match from asian handicap contacts and the Manchester City champions.
`My expectations are always high. We will try to reach the highest possible place. It is normal at some point to spend more than in some other years. You have to build a squad that is big enough and strong for the Premier League. Fabigno was recovered from his injury, but he got sick and sent him home. I have not seen him since. We will see players who come from the World Cup. They all are in a different form. Henderson returned just days ago, so he drops off for this weekend. We have several problems and we will think about taking risks. We will have a fantastic team on the pitch, but some players may not play.`
`Manuel Pellegrini understands football and is a good coach. West Ham team is completely different from last season. This is the first team that will want our points. People will expect to win, but they will have 90 brutal minutes. It`s easy not to underestimate them. Alisson is a relaxed man who needs a goalkeeper. He adapted very quickly. Many players impressed me in the preparation and that`s good. I will not name specific names to avoid rumors.`

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