Petra Kvitova with a heavy test in the first round of the US Open

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asian handicap information Undertaker Petra Kvitova has hardly overcome the first round of the US Open Grand Slam tennis tournament in the hot conditions of the New York courts. The cowboy who suffers from asthma and has further problems from this point of view in the heat of the Big Apple overcame Cannina Vikmeier with 6:1, 6:4, making a 1:4 turn in the second set. Kvitova picked up the first part, and in the breaks between the points she was relieved with ice-cloths in her chair, apparently wanting to do the job quickly. Only 24 minutes needed for the success in the first part, but in the second again the characteristic of the chekiniya itself to complicate at first glance routine matches.

Kvitova completely lost her serve and found herself in a poor position at 1:4, but the bigger number of wins from then on (28 in the match) allowed her to end the battle in two sets and move on in 72 minutes.

The Chekhynita, who is the leader in the tournament in terms of number of titles with his five triumphs so far, has already won 45 in 2018 and if he wins the next match, he will equalize with Simona Hallep, sensationally dropped off at the start of New York.

Last year, Kvitova reached the US Open quarterfinals, where he lost dramatically from Vincent Williams, so he will now hope to at least equalize his 2017 ranking. Her next impediment is Jafan Wan, who eliminates Anna Karolina Schmedlova with 6:1, 3:6, 6:4. China is the 90th in the world and lost its only previous match predicted by sport news with Kvitova - in Beijing 2016-in two sets.

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