Mourinho: The facts say everything - my teams always skip the groups!

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asian handicap information Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho did not cheat on his bountiful style, and after losing to Young Boys, Fellaini`s goal in the added time, he leaned back to the statistics to respond to his critics. Old Trafford`s 1:0 victory ranked the Red Devils for the Champions League`s 16th round, and Mourinho said he has not had a season in which his team has not overtaken this phase of the tournament.
`I hope no one does not say that we played defensive, we had to score more goals, we got into one of the hardest groups and we got to qualify after the 5th round is a good achievement. ` There were also good but disappointing things in the presentationIf we scored an early goal, it would have been quite different, `said the Portuguese.

`We wanted to start aggressively, and I think the fans noticed it, the tension was rising with every passing minute, only the best goalkeeper in the world could save us in the after-break situation and he did it, I`m quite experienced and I can predict what`We needed an additional midfielder at the end of the match via asian handicap archive to score a goal!`, Mourinho continued.
`I am delighted to have delighted fans and fans of the statistics!`, said Jose, `in the 14th season of the Champions League, 14 times the teams that I have played in. In the only season I did not participate in the tournament, I won the Europa League. `

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