Federer plans to collect the Big Four for the Laver Cup 2019

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asian handicap information In an interview with L'Equipe and the Swiss channel SRF, Roger Federer commented on the decision to move the Laver Cup to Geneva, Switzerland from 20 to 22 September 2019. The Maestro, one of the founders of the race, said:
When they said they were interested in Geneva, I started dreaming, thinking how this would be an incredible, wonderful way to finish my career. Suddenly they raised their hands and said they were interested, started talking to the Laver Cup and said, `Will not it be great, maybe I will still play. `I can talk to all these top racers - Big Four and Stan.
I will try to attract as many boys as possible and play together, create a great event for a city that has seen a lot of tennis during the year and likes sports, that`s the main goal of the Laver Cup wherever it goes.
It must be a place with a history of tennis, and Geneva certainly has one. Besides, it is always a dream for me to play in Switzerland, I can not be more excited.'
Federer also commented on the upcoming US Open, saying it was not a fixed idea at all:
'I have won the US Open five times. I am happy of my achievements if I have to be honest. It`s not like I`ve never had success in New York. It has not happened in the last two years, but everything is fine.'

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