Football picks Mourinho: We can still finish the fourth, but we will certainly be in the top 6!

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asian handicap information The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho acknowledged Liverpool`s victory after losing Red Devils 1:3 to Anfield. `They are a strong team, but it is difficult to score two goals at the moment and the way we have allowed them!` said the Portuguese after the match. `It was difficult for us in the first 20 minutes, and we could not cope with their fantastic pace. but then we were relatively calm and things were under control. We could not breathe in the first 20 minutes, the pressure was so strong. `

` They were nervous and their central defenders went ahead and struck the rostrum. It was the period in which things were under control, for Shaqiri they were first easy goals, but because of ricocheting no chance. The stronger team won, but won in the period, which was stronger than us!`, added Mourinho.

Asked how he could fix things, he replied: `What do you mean to fix them? To win the title? Of course we can not. We can still finish fourth, but it will not be easy. Man United is currently on the sixth place, losing 11 points to fourth Chelsea.

Asked if the players are being dealt with, Mourinho does not doubt them:`You call the players dishonest? I believe they are honest, they are dealt daily, every minute, and if they do not, you can call them that way. We can not compare to the pace and physics of Liverpool, but we were in the match analyzed by asian handicap archive to the third goal.`

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