Football predictions Patrick McCaw will sign with Toronto Raptors

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asian handicap information NBA`s Leader in Toronto Raptors will strengthen his ranks with Patrick McCaw, ESPN reported. The 23-year-old McCaw is a free agent after being dismissed from Cleveland Cavaliers a few days ago. In recent weeks, McCaw `s name has become particularly popular as the player decides to leave the Golden State Warriors champion to sign a contract with Cleveland. McCaw had been a limited free agent since summer, giving him the right to sign with any other team in the league, but the `wars` had the opportunity to get him back, giving him an equal offer. After McCaw signed a two-year contract with Cleveland for a total of $ 6 million, the `wars` were unable to offer him such money for an extra tax burden of another $ 11 million that had to be added to the current 50 million that the teamdue to the league. Thus the wing ended its relationship with the Golden State in Cleveland, where it was also released without time before its contract was fully guaranteed by the end of the season. McCaw was picked as number 38 in the NBA draft in 2016 and for two seasons Warriors won two titles. Last season he recorded 57 games according asian handicap archive with 4 points, 1, 4 rebounds and 1, 4 assists on average per match.

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