Asian Handicap Football pick Chelsea made it into the top 4 at least for the fifth straight time

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asian handicap information Chelsea achieved their fifth straight win in all tournaments, having won 1-0 over Newcastle at Stamford Bridge, Marcos Alonso (73 `) scored the only hit for the Blues of London, with Tami Abraham and Christian Pulisic missing a few moresituations. Thanks to this success, Chelsea came in third in the provisional standings for at least a few hours. The loss sent Newcastle to the relegation zone.

Home manager Frank Lampard had made one change. Ross Barkley starts in the midfield at the expense of the injured H `Golo Cante. Newcastle came out with the same titular lineup that began with the victory over Manchester United two weeks ago. This meant that the Longstaff brothers were back together in the middle of the field.

The home side held the lead in the first half and held the ball 70% of the time, but this resulted in only two better chances at the door of Dubravka. In the 17th minute, Hudson-Odoy`s center left came to Willian, who was on the far beam. The Brazilian bowed his head, but the ball went off target. Three minutes after that, Hudson-Odoi`s new low center found Mount, who turned well and fired in the front, but Dubravka struck out.

At the end of the first half, Frank Lampard had to make a forced substitution after Ross Barkley got injured and was replaced by Kovacic.

In the 56th minute, Abraham headed a corner by Willian from a corner, but the ball met the crossbar. Ten minutes later, a new head-kick came over the door.

In the 68th minute, Christian Pulisic, who shortly before replaced Mason Mount, missed a hundred percent opportunity after firing from six yards out, but Dubravka managed to break free.

In the 73rd minute Chelsea finally reached the goal. Pulisic shot from the right and then extended the attack to the other flank. Hudson-Odoi proceeded to Alonso, who fired heavily at the diagonal. Dubravka touched the ball but couldn`t stop her way to the far corner.

Seven minutes later, Abraham made an astonishing pass after Aspilikueta gave him the ball at the empty door. At the last moment, however, Yedlin threw himself into the twine and managed to change the trajectory of the ball that went over the door. At the very end, Clark could upset the hosts, but he fired at the door.

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