Asian Handicap prediction Manchester City come close to three points from Liverpool after a difficult first and trouble-free second half

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asian handicap information Manchester City not only regained second place but also came close to three points clear of Liverpool leader after beating Ethiopia Stadium 3-0 Aston Villa in a Premier League 10th round match. Tomorrow the Merseyside are taking Tottenham to the derby. The champions played a particularly convincing first half, but after the break Rahim Sterling (46 `), Kevin De Broyne (65 `) and Ilkay Gundogan (70 `) tilted the scales in favor of the hosts.

Joseph Guardiola had made five changes compared to Atalanta during the week. John Stones has returned to the center of defense after treating for more than a month. Joao Cancelo started as a right back. Bernard Silva, David Silva and Gabriel Jesus were also holders. Douglas Lewis and Mahmoud Hassan-Trezegue started for Aston Villa.

The home side created the first danger in the sixth minute, when Jesus turned well and fired from eight meters, but his shot was not accurate enough and the ball went away from the door.

Aston Villa defended skillfully and on several occasions organized two good counters, but still failed to reach the final blow.

In the 19th minute, the home side claimed a penalty kick after a shot by Stirling met Engels` hand. The decision, however, was a cornerstone. Three minutes later, Aston Villa organized another good counterattack, which ended with a very good shot by McGinn from the penalty area. Ederson killed with one hand, Luis tried to make a pass, but Cancelo threw himself and managed to play with the ball. The guests claimed for the duap, but the signal did not follow again, and the BAP did not change anything.

Ten minutes before the break, the Birmingham men demanded a penalty again after Stones blocked a shot from Trezegue, after which the ball met his hands. However, the defender first blocked the impact with the body, so no signal followed.

In the 43 `citizens` created their purest opportunity in the first part. It came after another breakthrough from Stirling, who was the only home player to cause City`s defense problems. The Englishman found David Silva well in the penalty area, but the Spaniard`s shot went inches away from the far post.

Only 20 seconds after the start of the second part Manchester City came forward in the result. Mings played poorly on a long pass to Ederson that allowed Jesus to lead Stirling to the left. The wing flings the ball between Heaton`s legs - 1-0.

In the 55th minute, Mings largely redeemed his goal goal after clearing a goal kick from Jesuit.

In the 65th minute City doubled their lead in quite controversial circumstances. A short corner kick came to De Broyne, who did something in between kicking and centering. The ball went through a bunch of players, and at the last moment Sterling, who was right in front of Heaton, moved away and the ball entered the visitors` door. The English national who was influencing the game analyzed by gatuso milan win appeared to be in an ambush position. It was also unclear whether David Silva was touching the ball after De Broinne. VAR looked at the situation for a long time, but decided to read a goal. However, the repetitions did not convince him that Asian Handicap prediction - more details and information: Asian Handicap prediction

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