Asian Handicap tipster Recoba: Conte will be no different than Spalletti unless he makes Inter champion!

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asian handicap information Theormer Inter striker Alvaro Recoba has commented on the current situation in the team. Antonio Conte`s arrival at the head raised expectations for the Nerazzurri. The team has been performing quite well since the start of the season and is only a point behind leader Juventus. However, according to the Uruguayan, Conte is obliged to make the team champion, otherwise he will be no different than former mentor Luciano Spalletti.
'This Inter team cannot be compared to Juventus at the moment. Participation in two tournaments analyzed by buy asian handicap will tire the Nerazzuris much more with the lineup they have. A big factor in the 38 games in Serie A may be just the lack of depth in the squad as Juventus has. At the same time, however, I am impressed by the passion of the typhoid of Inter. I had forgotten it. But here, Alexis Sanchez is injured, and for his alternates you have Sebastiano Esposito and Matteo Politano, it`s not the same. Every time there is a change of coach, it brings back the players` confidence. But if Conte does not bring Scudetto, he will be no different than Spalletti!', Recoba says.

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