Asian Handicap tips Antetocumbo continues to win Milwaukee wins in the NBA

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asian handicap information The Milwaukee Bucks topped the Clippers 129:124 as a guest and recorded a sixth victory since the start of the NBA Championship, which secured them a first-place finish in the Central Division. The Clippers are 3rd in the Pacific with 5/3.

Janice Antetocumbo scored 38 points for the winners and also picked up 16 tackles. George Hill started off the bench but finished with 24 points, including 6 threes. His team scored 18 times from the 3-point zone. Antetocumbo, on the other hand, failed to record a triple-double in his stats after remaining on 9 assists. He has to date at least 10 tackles and 5 innings in his first 8 games, with no such contestant since 1972/1973.

The Clippers were without their star Cowie Leonard, who got a break, but tonight he will be on the pitch against Portland. Montrezl Harrell recorded a personal best of 34 points and 13 rebounds in his first game analyzed by chelsea barca champions league as a holder of the season. Lou Williams also scored 34 and made 11 assists. Patrick Beverly with 20 points and 10 tackles under the basket failed to help avoid the first home loss of the season.

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