Asian Handicap tipsters Hungary opens Puskash Arena with loss from Uruguay

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asian handicap information Uruguay defeated Hungary 2-1 in a friendly match forecast by sport news played at the newly opened Pushkash Arena. The stadium was built on the site of the old Ferenc Puskas. The facility has a capacity of just under 68, 000 people and will accept part of the Euro 2020 duels next year.

The hosts were ambitious to please the Budapest fans with a win, but the Urus created more and deservedly congratulated themselves. They found the score in the 15th minute with a hit by Edinson Cavani, who blocked a cross from the left flank of Mathias Vina. Just six minutes later, Brian Rodriguez showed excellent technique in the penalty area and, with a very precise shot, punished Denes Dibush for the second time.

The Hungarians returned the intrigue in the 24th minute thanks to Adam Salai. Mainz 05 striker received a nice pass from Roland Varga and sent the ball into the net without delay.

In the second half, the hosts` efforts to reach at least a draw failed. On Tuesday, they are away to Wales in their last Euro qualification match.

HUNGARY - Uruguay 1:2

0:1 E. Cavani (15)

0:2 B. Rodriguez (21)

1:2 A. Salai (24)

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