Asian Handicap tip The Vikings (Stavanger) won their sixth Norway Cup

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asian handicap information The Viking (Stavanger) team won the 1-0 Norway Cup final over Haugesund and took the trophy for the sixth time in their history. The only hit was made by team captain Zlatko Tripic from the penalty spot in the 51st minute to the delight of their fans who filled their sector at the Ulevall stadium in Oslo. The Viking wins the trophy for the first time since 2001`s quota for the Europa League in the fall.

The team returned this season to the elite of the country and under the leadership of young specialist Berne Berntsen reached the 5th place in the standings. For Haugesund, this is the second lost final mentioned by asian handicap stream in history, the previous one being from 2007. And they started the match better and the first opportunity was for them, but Christopher Velde`s header was blocked by defender S?ndre Bjorschol. Just 4 minutes later, Benjamin Kelman wasted the Viking opportunity.

Six minutes after the start of the second half, Viking captain Zlatko Tripic was dropped by Mikel Dessler and the referee awarded a penalty shot that was scored by the victim. After the goal, Haugesund`s team, which finished 7th in the Championship, created some good opportunities but lacked accuracy in their shots. It could be 2-0 at the end of the match, but when cornering Andre Danielsen shoots out.

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