Asian Handicap tipster Marko Nikolic: The fans want Semin, but that doesn`t mean they are against me

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asian handicap information Lokomotiv (Moscow) head coach Marko Nikolic gave an interview for the Championship, in which he commented on the attitude of the fans towards him, the club`s ambitions for the new season and the possible transfer of the star Alexei Miranchuk. `The situation is completely understandable for me. I don`t see a problem and I don`t feel additional tension. The Ultras want to see Semin at the helm of the team, but that doesn`t mean they are against me. I understand them - they adore the coach who isI drove Lokomotiv for 20 years and won so many awards, I had a similar experience in Serbia, but when I achieved the desired results, everything turned in my favor, 15 years ago I may have been excited about what they wrote and said about me, but now I`m interested`Only in his work. In football, the results are most important, ` Nikolic said. Semin attacked the boss of Loko (Moscow)

`It`s easy to go out in front of the media and say that your team will always play offensively and beautifully. I can do that too. But that wouldn`t be serious. We live in the 21st century anda team must be able to attack, defend, hold the ball, press. If you are strong in only one component, you will not have good results analyzed by asian handicap stream . Sometimes we will play spectacularly, other times - terrible. Sometimes because of tactics, other times because ofthe individual actions of the players. For me, the most important thing is to win, `the Serb explained.

`Will Alexei Miranchuk stay in Loko? He is with us and we rely on him. Alexei is one of the best Russian footballers. If he has the opportunity to move to a good European club - excellent. If not - he staysin Lokomotiv `, Nikolic commented.

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