Asian Handicap tipster Mbappe for Neymar: He is the best in the world, my role is to help him

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asian handicap information Paris Saint-Germain`s French superstar Kylian Mbappe has said that his Brazilian teammate Neymar is PSG`s most important player. The two have been playing at Parc des Princes since 2017 and have built a strong bond on and off the field.

`I always thought that great players were born to play together. When I arrived in Paris, our roles were clear - Neymar is at the center of the project, and I`m here to help him. That`s because`When I came to PSG, I was just a rising star and I had to prove myself on the pitch, ` Mbappe told France Football, adding: `Neymar knows how to do everything. He is the best in the world. `

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`He doesn`t show or dance only when the score is 5-0. He knows how to do spectacular things even at 0-0. I don`t know if everyone is aware of that, but Neymarhe understands everything. He has an instinct that helps him immediately understand how to do everything, `the Frenchman continued, talking about the Brazilian. Mbappe also said that he will always be grateful to the Brazilian for helping him quickly adapt to the situation in a big club according asian handicap tips like PSG. `Honestly, I will never forget how he helped me in the beginning. When you are 18, it is never easy to enter a big locker room for the first time. In big teams, your success depends 60% on your football and 40% on`how you acclimatize in the locker room. He helped me and I will never forget him, ` said 22-year-old Mbappe.

Mbappe for Neymar: He is the best in the world, my role is to help him Asian Handicap tipster - more details and information: Asian Handicap tipster

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