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asian handicap information Tonight is the rematch of the 1/8 finals in the Champions League between Liverpool and RB Leitzpig. The two teams will once again face each other at the Pushka Arena in Budapest, where the first match was played due to the measures against COVID-19. This time, however, the British will be a symbolic host. They achieved an excellent tournament result, winning the first match with 2:0, but they have not done their job yet and they have to concentrate on the match tonight in order to avoid an unwanted blunder.

Merseysiders have been in a huge crisis lately. The team recorded a series of losses in the Premier League and collapsed in the standings. Therefore, the Champions League is a great opportunity to restart the season and regain lost confidence. However, RB Leipzig is a very insidious rival. Although they lost the first match, the Germans were pretty decent. They have certainly not thrown the white towel and will try to take advantage of the opponent`s hesitations to deal him another heavy blow. Their task is not easy, because they have to look for a victory with at least two goals, but in football we have seen some bigger twists. However, Liverpool remains the favorite to move forward. The team has not lost to the Germans for 11 consecutive games in Europe. Their last defeat was 19 years ago by Bayer (Leverkusen). On neutral ground, the indicators are also in favor of the Merseysiders, who have 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss to German rivals. Last but not least, Liverpool have never been eliminated in Europe after winning their first away game. And this has happened 33 times so far. RB Leipzig does not have such extensive experience in Europe. Although the team reached the semi-finals of the tournament predicted by portugal rankings last season, it remains quite `green` against the background of Liverpool`s success. However, the Germans can boast of 3 wins and 2 losses against English rivals. However, for the first time the team is in a situation where they lost the first game at home and have to look for a turnaround. So it is difficult to predict what he will be able to do. The hosts continue to have serious problems with injured players. Virgil van Dyke, Jordan Henderson, Joe Gomez and Joel Matim remain in the hospital. Roberto Firmino and Yozan Kabak are also in question with minor injuries. However, the Republic of Leipzig also has its own problems with staffing. Marcel Halstenberg, Konrad Laimer and Dominik Soboslay dropped out of the group. Angelino`s participation is also under serious question, and Marcel Sabitzer and Willy Orban are also in slight pain. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, 1/8-final, rematch:

LIVERPOOL - RB LEIPZIG (2:0 in the first match)

Probable teams:

LIVERPOOL: Alison, Arnold, Phillips, Robertson, Thiago, Vainaldum, Jones, Jota, Salah, Mane

LEIPZIG: Goulash, Mukiele, Upamecano, Klosterman, Adams, Sabitzer, Kample, Haidara, Olmo, Sorlot, Nkunku

Stadium: , Budapest

Judge: Clement Turpen (France)

Start: 22:00

Liverpool have taken the first step, but have not yet done their job Asian Handicap tip - more details and information: Asian Handicap tip

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