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asian handicap information Shakhtar (Donetsk) head coach Luis Castro did not hide that he is satisfied with the 2-0 victory over Real (Madrid) in the penultimate round in Group B of the Champions League.

With the success, the Ukrainians collected 7 points and displaced the Spaniards from second place due to better performance in direct matches, after winning the first match in Madrid with 3:2.

Real Madrid bowed their heads to Shakhtar again, Group B tied even more .

Thus, Shakhtar holds their destiny in their hands and if they succeed in the last round against Inter in Milan, they will secure a place in the round of 16.

`I want to congratulate the boys, because they gave their all in this match. They worked hard on the field, helped each other and were just fantastic.

In the first half we did not present ourselves in the way we had planned andWe made some mistakes. At the break we tried to correct these inaccuracies. In the second half we created several goal positions and did not allow Real to do almost anything.

It is no secret that we used a similar strategy in the first match forecast by mourinho manchester united in Madrid`We knew that the opponent would look for the victory and we tried to stop him, to close the free zones and to control the air matches. There are no secrets in football. We have to work hard and overcome the difficulties, ` Castro commented.

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